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Ofsted have given Thomas Rotherham College an Outstanding judgement. Inspectors from Ofsted rated the College as ‘Outstanding’ – the highest grade possible – in five out of six areas of inspection, including Outstanding for ‘Overall Effectiveness’. Click Here

Work Placement


Work Placement


The role of the Work Placement team at Thomas Rotherham College is to support our students to find valuable, meaningful work experiences during their time with us. The aim of this is to strengthen future UCAS, apprenticeship and job applications. Work experience helps our students to cement their career choices and future aspirations. They help to develop confidence and skills within a real-life work environment and to make connections in their chosen field.

We currently support up to 1500 students and work with over 100 employers in different sectors such as allied health, medicine, childcare, schools, hospitals, sports plus many more.

We are always on hand to offer advice via email or face to face meetings. We visit the sixth form classes and tutorials to discuss the many benefits of having work experience on your CV. We support students to apply for DBS checks – (Disclosure and barring service) to support placements working with vulnerable people.

We are based in student services and appointments can be booked with us via the student services help desk.

TRC & OHS Work Placement Policy May


To find out how TRC’s Work Placement Team can support you look at the PowerPoint slide for your Year Group and click on the audio link.

How Can TRC’s Work Placement Team Support You – Year 13

How Can TRC’s Work Placement Team Support You – Year 12


Check out our Virtual Work Placement and Opportunities Guide 




  • Are you interested in gaining new apprentices? Then please get in touch by emailing careers@trc.ac.uk
  • Is your business interested in supporting young people who are looking to take their first steps into the working world?
  • Could you provide young people with a positive first experience?
  • Are you looking to develop local talent or engage with the community?





At Thomas Rotherham College we believe that providing our young people with opportunities to undertake real life work and develop transferrable skills as well as learning the routines of working life has a significant positive impact.  It helps improve our students employment prospects and equip your potential future workforce.

We want to collaborate with businesses like yours to provide our young people with the best introduction to work.

There are many benefits for offering work placements to your business including

  • Identifying future talent
  • Enhancing your public profile by supporting your local community
  • Developing supervisory skills within your current work force
  • Developing a new recruitment channel
  • Helping with creating a fresh prospective
  • Adding an additional member of staff to help with one off projects

If you would like to find out more or speak to one of our work placement team then please get in touch by the following email: work@trc.ac.uk


Alumni, Parents & Employers

We are always keen to hear from parents, employers and past TRC students and how you might be able to share your experiences, knowledge, and skills with our current students. If you are happy to support and get involved, then please get in touch via the following form:




Your support can be given in a variety of ways for example class talks (virtually or at college), attending careers days, helping with student mock interviews, supporting a site visit, offering involvement in projects or proving a work placement.


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What our employers / students say …

“The student has been an absolute gem. She has joined the team and after working with her for just one day I was really impressed with her professionalism, kindness, care and enthusiasm for our children. She is a team player, warm, confident and very tuned into the children’s needs. She has had a very successful placement. Thank you and wishing you all the best of luck.”  

Class teacher at Kelford school


“The student was an asset to our school during her placement with us. She was extremely hardworking, conscientious and took initiative, showing maturity beyond her years. I know that should she decided to pursue a career in teaching she would fantastic.”

Lound Junior School


“Thank you for adding value to our context.” 

Headteacher at Eastwood Village Primary school


“Absolutely Fantastic practitioner. That good we took her on as supply.” 

Deputy Manager at Dreamcatchers


“The best thing about my work placement was gaining an insight into working with children. I have gained lots of valuable skills that will be extremely beneficial for me when applying to medicine. It will also be useful as an example to demonstrate empathy, patience and dedication whilst actively engaging with these skills. I’ve learnt a lot about myself that is needed to be a doctor.” 

A student placement at Grange Kindergarten


“I gained more confidence when communicating with new people” 

“Positive welcome and felt greeted by all staff, always had a task to do, always busy and was offered drinks/snacks and made to feel comfortable. Helped me gain confidence and heightened my communication skills”.

Students who volunteered at the Covid vaccination centre


” The Play Specialists on the Children’s Ward at Rotherham Hospital have provided work experience placements for TRC students who wish to pursue a career working within the NHS, over many years. Our commitment to the students helps to provide an overall insight into working within a multi-disciplinary team and developing an understanding of the needs of the hospitalized child and their families”.

Children’s Ward, Rotherham Hospital


Employers in Education