UCAS Deadline 2021

Following announcements to close UK schools and colleges the UCAS 15th January deadline has been extended by two weeks!


The external UCAS deadline for ALL applications is now Friday 29th January 2021


IMPORTANT: In order to meet this new external deadline you MUST have completed your UCAS application and emailed your tutor to ask them to check it by Friday 15th January  


After this date, we cannot guarantee that applications received will meet the external UCAS deadline. 


WHY??? … You need to have finished your application by this date to give time to check your application, give any additional feedback on improvements required prior to submission and for your tutor to write your reference. Your application is also checked by a UCAS specialist before finally being sent to UCAS.



REMINDER – The process: 

  • Complete your online application following the guidance in the Student Guide to Everything UCAS and Higher Education:https://www.trc.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2020/06/HE-preparation-evening-student-information-booklet-2020-21-2.pdf
  • Email your tutor to let them know that your application is ready for checking
  • Wait for your tutor to get back to you
  • When your application is accurate and complete your tutor will send you an email asking you to complete the Pay and Send sections
  • Complete the Pay and Send sections
  • You MUST notify reception via email that you have completed the Pay and Send sections: reception@thomroth.ac.uk 
  • Your tutor will then write your reference. 
  • A UCAS specialist will then check your application before it is sent to UCAS.

We strongly advise students not to leave their application to the last minute and if you are ready to submit to UCAS, go ahead and do this now. For those students that need some additional support from college, for instance those who do not have readily available access to digital devices, UCAS hope this extension will give you the opportunity to make arrangements to finalise your application in time for equal consideration.

Please contact your Progress Tutor or the Careers team if you need additional support with completing your application ahead of the deadline.