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Support for Learning

Important transition information

Please view for the following link for important transition information for those students joining TRC in September.

Welcome to CLASS

You may have disclosed a support need that required you to seek support, of some kind, at school. This may include: dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum, ADHD, mental health conditions (such as depression or anxiety), a range of medical needs and long term health conditions. We strongly suggest that you disclose a support need to help us ensure that appropriate reasonable adjustments and support can be arranged.

Alternatively, you may be worried that you need support but haven’t received it previously. We have a range of qualified and experienced professionals that will work with you to develop support that will enhance your time with us.

You will have the opportunity to disclose any support needs during the application process but please feel free to discuss support with the CLASS team prior to application, they will be very
happy to assist.

Mental health Support

It is quite normal for us to experience anxiety, low mood or feelings of not settling in. Deadlines, worries about achieving the required standard and the pressures of workload are all expected
challenges of study, at this level. Making the transition to college and coping with difficulties can be tough, but experiencing stress and difficult emotions does not, in itself, denote the
presence of a mental health condition. However, when these difficulties become overwhelming or start to have a serious and negative impact on your day to day living, we would encourage
you to talk to your tutor or a member of the CLASS team for advice about where to seek support.

Please see the documents below for more information, help and advice:

What is Anxiety

How to deal with stress

Understanding Good Sleep

7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Mental Health Services in Rotherham


People do sometimes have problems for which they may need confidential help
and support. Our counselling service offers this. For example, you may have personal problems, stress related problems – or perhaps you just need help to make choices that are right for

If you have a problem please don’t be afraid to contact our counsellors for an appointment. A warm welcome awaits you.

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