A Level Statistics

Level 3

Qualification A Level

Duration 2 years

Please note this course is new for September 2022 entry.

What will I study?

Using and understanding data is becoming increasingly important in many areas of study and employment. Understanding of statistics is a crucial skill, and this course aims to give you the tools needed to help you prepare for higher education and the workplace.

You will learn about Probability Distributions and how to use them to find the probability of various events occurring. You will also learn how to perform a Hypothesis Test and use this to infer if there has been any change in the system being observed. Throughout you will also be taught the real-life application of statistics and the Statistical Enquiry Cycle.


A graphical calculator is essential; the purchase of a suitable model with the required probability distributions will be organised through the Mathematics department at a discounted rate of approximately £67.


You will sit three 2-hour papers at the end of your second year:

Paper 1 – Data and Probability

Paper 2 – Statistical Inference

Paper 3 – Statistics in Practice

Entry Criteria

GCSE Mathematics Grade 5.

Useful Supporting Courses

A-Level Statistics works very well alongside many courses as it has applications in so many careers. However, A Levels with a large statistical content such as Biology, Psychology, Geography, Geology, Economics & Business, Sociology.


A knowledge of statistics can be harnessed in almost all careers where data has to be analysed before further steps can be taken; most particularly in Business & Finance, Medicine & Research, Politics & Social Science.

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