Sports Elite Scholarship

Level 2/3

Duration 1-2 years

TRC Sports Scholarship

TRC Academy Sport brochure

What will I study?

Development of Practical Skills

Why choose a TRC Scholarship?

We can help develop you as an individual and give you the opportunity to develop your skills in your sport for 5+ hours per week. We take your fitness and development seriously, giving you a personal plan for training and will help develop key attributes for you to become a successful sports person.

What will I study?

The TRC Sports Academy will help individuals specialising in any sport.  As a college we have links with many different sports across Yorkshire and our facilities in the sports centre offer a variety of sports to allow you to develop. Many sports individuals in the scholarship will get the chance to compete against other developing individuals in that sports areas across the Yorkshire region. Along with playing your desired sport, you will get individual training plans from a Personal Trainer to assist your development physically and strengthen key areas for the sport.

Entry Criteria

Standard Level 3/2 entry criteria.

We will expect you to work hard both academically whilst studying your other courses and physically when you are in the programme. The College has academic requirements that you will need to achieve to secure your place