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We’ve come a long, long way together.

Well we’ve done it, we’ve got through another half term. As each half term passes we reflect upon how challenging it has been and we look forward to things being a little simpler and more manageable in the next and upcoming half term. Sadly, that’s not been the case in the last 12 months or so. Just when we think things couldn’t get any more difficult something comes along, or some policy changes, or some directive is issued, which has an impact upon how we work and we then see a ratcheting up further of the work and challenge. We can reflect so positively upon having got to the end of this most difficult of half terms and in doing so we might want to just take some time to congratulate ourselves, as individuals and collectively, for what we’ve achieved. We have come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good – there’s a song in that somewhere.

Over the break, whatever break you get, take some time away from the screen; especially the computer screen. We may not feel it on a daily basis day but sitting there working through the screen is very attritional, very wearing. There is an invitation this half term to do something different; obviously within the confines of the rules of lockdown. Choose to engage in something which is tangential. Have a look at trying something new. We might remember what it was like at the beginning of the first lockdown. How many of us did resolve to learn a new skill, or a new language, or do just something very different. Let’s hope there is enough flour on the supermarket shelves to keep us going. Please don’t break the lockdown rules. It isn’t excusable to drive 150 miles because lockdown is ‘boring’, as was reported in the media this week – some people!

Much of the debate and discussion this week, in that media, has been about the future and, in particular, the dangling of the prospect of a summer holiday. Some of you may well have booked a break already and be hoping that you can make it. Some of you will be looking desperately for something and find that there is nothing available or the price is too high. Or maybe you’re just sitting on this and thinking ‘well let’s see what happens’.

We all really do need things to look forward to. That’s why there’s so much debate about the summer holidays. I think that one thing I’ve learnt from the last 12 months or so, has been that one has to make and create one’s own vision of the future. It’s no good relying on or waiting on government ministers to tell us what we can and can’t do. Those diktats issued from central government do not necessarily serve or make our vision of the future, a future that we so desire. So maybe, it’s time just to ratchet it down somewhat. Create for ourselves and our families a reasonable view of what the short term might look like; planning again those lockdown activities.

Whatever you’ve got planned, or not got planned, or are yet to plan, I do hope that you make the most of the time away from school and college. You make the most of your time away from your screen. And you enjoy whatever view of your immediate future might be.

‘Resilience can go an awful long way.’ Eddie the Eagle

‘A halfway decent haircut will go a long way!’ G-Eazy

Thank you for the continued hard work, commitment and resilience. Have a lovely half term break – in whatever form it might take.