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Ofsted have given Thomas Rotherham College an Outstanding judgement. Inspectors from Ofsted rated the College as ‘Outstanding’ – the highest grade possible – in five out of six areas of inspection, including Outstanding for ‘Overall Effectiveness’. Click Here

Lockdown Week 6

I want to publicly thank all the staff at Thomas Rotherham College and all the parents and carers for all your work with and for our young people. These are, as we have discussed on many occasions, very strange times and we have all been presented with personal and professional challenges, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. We work together to support our young people in these difficult times when we all  have pressures on us to ensure that we are safe, our families are safe and protected and yet we all still have a commitment to our young people. You will all know better than me the specific students, within our community, who need that contact. There will be young people who have very few constants or very little stability in their lives. You all provide that constant and you will offer some of that stability. Thank you, once again.
There has been significant talk, in the national media, about how we will get out of this lockdown situation. I just wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that key leaders have been meeting (over the internet) and planning for and when the lockdown will be lifted; at least in respect of the college. We know that the end of’ college lockdown may be long before the wider community lockdown is lifted. And consequently, it is very difficult at this stage to plan fully and share widely, however we’ve been talking about broad scenarios and how we might collectively manage students and the staff within those various scenarios. 
What seems to be clear is that a return to ‘normality’ will not be any time soon. To reassure you we are looking at our services and our site. We are readying our services and the site for our return, whenever that might be. Be reassured that, as always, we are working to get and stay ahead of the game and to give everyone the very best environment, thus allowing us all to return with confidence to the college.
For now, it is as we were. I know that you are working terrifically hard but do try to take some time for yourself and your family. Do those things that you haven’t been able to do in those busy pre-lockdown days.
This week…
I continue baking, but something very different this week. My first ever vegan chocolate cake, to celebrate my eldest son’s 23rd birthday. 
The Spanish continues slowly. 
The running continues (again very slowly). As of Monday, this last week, I’d run 21 days on the bounce. I had Tuesday off and I’m back on it again. Well, if you only get an hour out of the house you have to use it effectively.
Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected and stay sane. And remember that this will pass.
‘If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling block of the uncertain’ Paul Cezann
Have as good a weekend as you can; the Sun will shine.