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Happy Holiday Season

Happy Christmas all

The longest of long-terms is now done. I send this knowing that for many this is just the start of a very busy period. That said, I hope that you can have a well-earned and decent break, over the next couple of weeks. Take the opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy the season – whether you’re into Christmas or not.

It’s not felt that Christmassy in my house but the schools and the college have managed that balance between recognising that this is an important season for some, that there are many in our communities who may not want to or be able to celebrate and that we all need to work right through until the ‘final whistle’ on Friday.

The weather hasn’t felt that wintery; being grey and damp over the last week or so. No doubt a wintry blast will come soon enough. You’ll all be taking some time away from the ‘day job’ and that will hopefully mean you’ll be able to get out when it’s light and bright, catching some needed UV. Take care out there, wrap up and enjoy the fresh breeze.

We can all feel comfortable knowing that we have earned this break. You won’t want to read a great deal more; you’ve got other things to do and on your mind. And so…. have a great break. Season’s Greetings, Happy Christmas. And have a wonderful New Year.