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Black Friday

I’m concerned about you all. I’m concerned that the opportunity to drawn into the carnage that is Black Friday might be too much for you. You just might get drawn into the madness that is Meadowhall (other large retail outlets are available) and you’ll end up spending your well-earned or hard-earned cash on ‘stuff’. That stuff may seem like a bargain but reports this week, from Which (the consumer group) suggest that most of the Black Friday deals are something of an illusion. Really, that’s a surprise (heavily sarcastic tone!).


Save yourself from this marketing madness. Stay in, stay at home, keep your credit cards in your pocket and think about spending that hard-earned money on things that might have more meaning and be of better value.


I’m not going to even attempt to tie this into a broader educational message this week. I know that those links can someone be tenuous and possibly imitating to you but this week the message needs to be simple and clear.


Additionally though, I want to say thank you for your contributions this past week or so. I know that many of you have been bravely carrying on working despite coughs, colds and the odd norovirus. Some of you have been hit so hard you’ve not been able to get in. It strikes me that many of you have stepped up and stepped in to support each other where necessary – thank you for that. When we take time to reflect upon the work we’ve done this year; that’s the adults and the young people; it allows us to think about what we need to do, not just in the next three weeks, but into the next term and beyond. It’s been a fantastic year so far, we know there is much more to do and we are creating the conditions to allow all of our young people to flourish in this college.


‘Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have’ Unknown


Whatever you’re doing this weekend I hope that it is pleasurable, I hope that it doesn’t cost too much money, I do hope that you can avoid the madness that is Black Friday.