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And it rained …

It’s not been the best of weeks really. Not that it’s been that bad at college necessarily, but the week started with defeat for England at Rugby World Cup final and ended with terrific floods locally and the sad news that a woman has died, having been swept away in floodwater.


All I can say about the week, from our perspective, is just a thank you to staff, students and their parents for your collective patience during this challenging week.


Some of you will have started back after the half term particularly unhappy with the performance in Japan. That may well have shaped your week somewhat. For most of us though it has been the weather this week which has defined our working week and (probably) determined how we might feel about our work and autumn, in general.


I remember very clearly in 2007, when we had the last great floods reading about the once in a 100 years event. So that’s twice in the last 12 years and it seems that the flooding in some parts of the county has been even worse and a river levels have been even higher than in 2007. Sometime ago I did make mention of climate issues and it seems to me, that we are seeing further evidence, over the last few days, of the climate concerns that many of the young people have been expressing and sharing very recently.


It has been terrifically difficult for many people locally. Many people have found it very difficult to get into school and despite the circumstances and despite the road conditions most of you have shown great commitment and dedication, to make it across the threshold and allow us all again to provide an exceptional educational experience for our children. For that I thank you.


We can go into the weekend looking at the forecast which is a little dryer, if not to any warmer. We could do with a period of time where we see some dry weather. The ground is saturated at the moment and we are not many more hours of heavy rain away from further flooding.


A massive thank you to all those staff and students who supported the very successful and very well attended TRC Open Evening this last Wednesday. It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic young people being shown around the College and talking to enthusiastic and professional staff.


Over this weekend there will be a number of remembrance services; which no doubt many of you will want to attend. I will have the honour of attending the service and laying of wreaths and Rotherham Minster and the Clifton park War Memorial.


I will also have the honour and pleasure of Presiding over the Rotherham Grammar School Old Boys Association remembrance event at Thomas Rotherham College memorial. This will be a sombre and important occasion.


‘The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfilment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall’. Helen Garner – Australian author.