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A sporting weekend

In the schools and the college, we continue to countdown towards the end of term. For those of you in the schools, it’s two more weeks to go, and for those at the college, just five more days before the summer break – although depending upon timetables and induction it may well be much less than that!  I would point out to those associated with the schools that TRC re-opens to staff and students much earlier. TRC staff and students come back significantly earlier than we would do in schools; an August start rather than a September start!  I thank you all again for all that you have continued to do throughout this challenging period. We did think that we might be out of national lockdown conditions and restrictions by now but sadly not. Throughout this academic year we’ve all had to face significant challenges, be that in our personal lives or our professional lives. Thank you for the way that you have managed to achieve, despite those difficulties, those challenges and we all look forward to a simpler, more straightforward and increasing the Covid free future.

I did say, at the end of last week’s missive, that I would be cheerier this week. I am and that’s primarily because I have chosen to ignore the often-troubling news which emanates from central government, London or Westminster – in particular. I’ve just enjoyed the irregular pleasures that only live sport can bring. Over the last few days the men’s England cricket team have dominated the Sri Lankans, the women’s England cricket team have taken a significant lead over the Indian team, Andy Murray has made, so far, a winning return to Wimbledon having entertained us in particular with a five-set classic on Wednesday evening and, of course the pleasure of seeing an England football team progress within the Euro Championships. All that sport can bring a smile to the face and has done what only live sport can do, that is thrill us with the unpredictability of a sporting challenge.

I’m hoping that, if you’re reading this a little later in the weekend or early in the following (next) week that that cheeriness has continued. In particular, I really do hope that England have swept past Ukraine and are into only the second semi-final in their Euro Championship history. I know that not everybody likes football but there is something about a national team, and I include the Scots, Welsh and Irish amongst us who enjoy the pleasures that their teams might bring; bringing us some thrills. I think it’s the collective nature of these endeavours which hooks in the people. To a degree, as we sit at home in front of our televisions, or we go to the fan parks, or when we are in the local hostelry, there is a sense of a shared experience. We are brought together as a community and are looking at the same thing, with the same hopeful intentions or expectations. Hope can hurt, but equally hope can bring together a community or a country. Hoping together does bring some warmth.

We are social beings and what the Covid period has taught us or reminded us is that we need to connect with other people. The shared sporting experiences do allow us to have moments of coming together and being as one. Long may this continue and long may England’s participation in the Euro Championship continue.


‘Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.’  Robert Griffin III

PS good luck to Andy Murray and the England cricket teams too