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A scorcher? Not Quite!

As the temperatures have risen (metrologically) and we’ve done our very best, within the schools and college, to keep the temperatures down somewhat. For us all there are two sides to it. There are the endeavours to ensure that the buildings aren’t too hot and will allow for a conducive education. And there are the endeavours to ensure that all children and young people remain calm and cool in their manner and demeanour, despite the challenges of the exam season.


I can report that, as we arrive at the end of the exam season, almost all of our children and young people have conducted themselves with great maturity and with a significant degree of focus.


We are all hopeful that they will all achieve the results that they desire and will have earned. It’s a long wait now until the exam results are in with us in August. Until then we will just wish those children and young people the very best of summers and hope that they can all relax and enjoy the next couple of months. They must put aside the spectre of those exam results coming in to us in August. They have done what they can for now.


‘Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language’. Henry James


I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, make the most of these summer days.