Principal's Blog

Take some time


It’s been so long since we’ve had the chance to come together and it was really wonderful to see the staff body in one room – those who could be there this afternoon. We under-estimate, at our peril, the need to be part of something bigger, to be part of a community of like-minded souls working with a common purpose and to a common end. We are a collective. We are a staff body.

Thank you for all the hard work, commitment, support and dedication this year.  For those of us who’ve been at this game for a number of years we realize that it never gets any easier but it is important for me to recognise that the impact of all that we have had to manage professionally and, for some of us in our personal lives, has been dramatic and in some cases traumatic. I acknowledge that all of the changes over the past couple years could have been destabilising but they haven’t and that is because you all have worked so positively and have remained so professional.

We have faced our collective challenges head on and we can be comfortable in the knowledge that we have faced all of these challenges as we should and always do; that is with dignity, integrity and professionalism. With all that we’ve been doing, this end of the summer term is terrifically well earned and much needed for all.

We know that will pick up the pace yet again in August and into September. That will bring some excitement and, no doubt, further significant pressures – but that is the way of education these days.

We know that the issuing of the results in the summer will be a strange and, hopefully, not too traumatic an experience. We won’t become consumed by that and any consequent appeals. The leadership team will, with the support of key individuals – thank you Russell, manage all that.

As you reflect on the past year or so over the summer, I do very much hope those reflections are comfortable and bring a calmness and satisfaction.  We can be sure that our collective will to succeed has been terrifically strong. Come the end of August, we will return strong and we will work together to become even stronger still.

Whatever we do, whatever we aspire to, the overwhelming majority of colleagues do understand that we are about changing the lives of our young people; it is about creating opportunities, it is about challenging ourselves and our close colleagues to do better, go further and demand more. It may be uncomfortable at times but if we don’t do it to ourselves, if we don’t understand where we are at and how we can improve, we know full well that others will do it to us. You should be very proud of all that we have achieved together.

I wish you an enjoyable, relaxing and fulfilling summer break.