Level 3

Qualification: A Level

Duration: 2 years

What will I study?

You will be studying the workings of politics and government in both the UK and the USA. You learn about the origins and beliefs of different political ideologies and how they have been put into practice. You will assess source material and produce extended written answers that evaluate the strengths of different arguments and reach supported judgements.

Component 1: UK Politics; Core Political Ideas (Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism)

UK Politics- this part of the course with examine Democracy and political participation, debates surrounding voting and who should be able to vote, pressure groups and political rights. You will then go onto study Political Parties including their history and policies, electoral systems and voting behaviour as well as the influence of the media.

Core Political Ideas- You will study the ideologies of Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism. You will explore their origins, key thinkers and divisions within these ideologies. You will study their views on human nature, the state, the economy and society.

Component 2: UK Government; Political Ideas (One of anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism or nationalism)

UK Government- In this part of the course you will study the Constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and Executive, the interactions between the different branches of government. With all these areas you will study the underlying theory along with examples of the different aspect of government in actions and debates that surround these such as where power is located in the UK political system.

Political Ideas: You explore the origins, key thinkers and views of an ideology. You look specifically at its views on human nature, the state, the economy and society.

Component 3: USA Government; Comparison USA and UK

USA Government- In this unit you will study the US Constitution, the debates surrounding the Constitution and Federalism, the structure and functions Congress, the role and powers of the President, the role and nature of the Supreme Court. You will move on to study Civil Rights and race relations, the key ideas and policies of the Democrat and Republican Parties, the electoral systems in America.

Comparison USA and UK- In this unit you will study different Comparative theories and debate the similarities and differences between the British and American political systems.

Study Visits

A number of day or half-day visits to be confirmed, including visits to Local Universities


Key textbook- £30


3 two hour exams

Component 1: UK Politics; Core Political Ideas: Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism
Component 2: UK Government; Political Ideas: nationalism
Component 3: USA Government; Comparison USA and UK

Entry Criteria

General Level 3 entry requirement and Grade 5 in English.

Useful Supporting Courses

A level History, A Level Philosophy, A Level Economics, A Level Sociology, A Level English


Law, Management, Journalism, Government, Civil Service and Police.

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Course Overview

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