Level 3

Qualification: A Level

Duration: 2 years

What will I study?

Philosophy explores questions which are about as fundamental as questions can be, questions which arise from our experience of life and our efforts to understand the world.

A Level Philosophy will introduce you to the ideas of the great philosophers, including Plato, Descartes, Locke, Hume and Kant. You will study and begin to evaluate their answers to questions such as:
• What is knowledge, and what can we know with certainty?
• Is how the world “appears” to our senses how it “really” is?
• Can the existence of God be proved (or disproved)?
• Are there moral truths and if so what is their nature?
• Is mind distinct from brain or are mental phenomena (i.e. thoughts, feelings) simply properties of the brain?

Study Visits

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Two 3hr exams
Paper 1: Epistemology and Ethics
Paper 2: Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Mind

Entry Criteria

Grade 5 English. Grade 4 in another Humanities subject.

Useful Supporting Courses

Philosophy develops thinking skills that are useful in supporting many other academic disciplines. It can be taken with any other A Level subjects, including the sciences, Maths and humanities.  The nature of the topics studied means the course also has some crossover in content with both law and psychology.



Journalism, Law, Psychology, Medicine, Business and Marketing, Research, Education, Human Resources, Local Government Officer, Health Service Manager, Social Work, Police, Politics.

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Course Overview

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Philosophy Course Overview