Online Safety

Unsuitable videos can often be shared on Instagram/Snapchat/WhatsApp/You Tube and other platforms and it is important that parents monitor their child’s account.  If any child does come across any disturbing videos then they need to be encouraged to tell their parents or to speak to a member of staff in school who should then inform the DSL for support and/or flag the video to the sites administrators for them to remove it.


Please take a look at the following websites for further help and advice:


Internet Matters –

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) which is part of the National Crime Agency –

CEOP also have a website called which has information for 5 year olds right up to 14 plus.

The NCA and NPCC have launched a campaign – Who is Sam? – to encourage parents to talk to their child about the behaviours that could put them at risk on live streaming platforms. The campaign features a short animation showing how offenders are able to build relationships with young people online.

Who is Sam?

For more information on the dangers of Live Streaming click here.

The Rotherham LSCB website also has advice for children and young people, parents/carers, professionals and volunteers:

Rotherham Power provide a number of useful documents and information sources for adults and parents about keeping children and young people safe online