Netball Scholarship

Level 2/3

Duration 1-2 years

TRC Sport Scholarship

TRC Academy Sport brochure

Why choose a TRC Scholarship?

We can help develop you as an individual and give you the opportunity to develop your skills in your sport for 5+ hours per week. We take your fitness and development seriously, giving you a personal plan for training and will help develop key attributes for you to become a successful sports person.

What will I study?

The new Netball Scholarship is a stepping stone in Yorkshire for girls to improve their skills and ability within the sport. Players will get the opportunity to train for 6 hours per week with a netball coach, improve fitness development with personal trainers and compete in tournaments and cross college leagues. We will contact large netball clubs in the area to develop a link for this new sports academy. Additionally the players will be studying academically at TRC alongside the physical development of their netball game.

Entry Criteria

Standard Level 3/2 entry criteria.

We will expect you to work hard both academically and physically whilst you are in the programme.  The College has academic requirements that you will need to achieve to secure your place


Dependant on tour and kit.

Taster Sessions

TRC Sports Scholarships