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Monitoring Student Performance

​Once enrolled at the college, your son/daughter will be given his/her target grades for each of their chosen subjects. These grades are generated using data from national data sets (based on their prior attainment at GCSE level) and provide an aspirational target that a student ought to strive to achieve by the end of the academic year.

During your son/daughter’s time here at the college, their progress will be continually monitored by subject teachers. Teachers will set regular pieces of assessed work to help create a picture of their ongoing performance. Feedback from these assessments will help your son/daughter to identify ways that they can further improve their own performance. The performance grades from these pieces of assessed work are recorded electronically and your son/daughter will be made aware of their average performance grade in discussion with their teachers and tutor.

As a parent, you will be able to see the performance grades in our Performance Review letter issued in November and February. Each of these will be followed up with an opportunity for you to attend a Parents’ Consultation evening where you can book an appointment to discuss your son/daughter’s performance with individual subject teachers.