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Are you a Culture Vulture? Do you hunt for videos, blogs and websites about your interests? Check out our Culture Vulture links for each course and see what takes your interest.

Key dates

October 2019 –­ February 2020

Members of staff from College will visit the partner schools, providing information about TRC.

November 2019 onwards

Complete your application. Apply in good time to avoid disappointment.

November 6th 2019 and February 3rd 2020, 3.30 – 7.00pm

College Open Evenings. Come and have a look around, ask questions, see what we offer and chat to staff and current students.

May 29th 2020

All Applications should be received by this date in order for you to attend the Induction Course.

May – June 2020

Exams. Good luck!

July 6th and 7th 2020

Induction Course. Applicants for 2020 will be invited to TRC to get to know the College, make new friends, sample courses and find out what it’s really like at TRC.

August 20th 2020

GCSE exam results ­day. We realise these are stressful times and the College will be open to provide you with advice and support should you need it.

August 20th, 21st and 24th 2020

You will be given an appointment for one of these days to complete your enrolment, confirm your choice of courses and get ready to join us. You must be available to enrol in person and have your GCSE results available.

September 2nd 2020

Your full-time course at TRC starts today.