GCSE History


Qualification GCSE

Duration 1 year

What will I study?

This course is available both to those who haven’t studied GCSE History before and those who want to improve their grade.

It is an exciting course looking at a broad range of interesting historical topics from medieval medicine through the reign of Elizabeth I to the First World War and Nazi Germany.

Unit 1: Understanding the Modern World.  In this unit you will study Germany in depth looking at the rule of the Kaisers followed by the democratic Weimar Period and then its collapse with the rise and the rule of the Nazis culminating in World War II and the Holocaust.  You will also study the causes and events of World War I, looking at the series of events and decisions that led to war followed by a study of the war itself.

Unit2: Shaping the Nation.  A breadth study looking at the development of medicine from c1000 A.D. to the present day which helps give you an insight into how society has changed and progressed over time.  You also study Elizabethan England in detail, this is a time of great cultural, social and religious change as well as of foreign threat in the form of the Spanish Armada.

GCSE History offers a good opportunity to further develop literacy and other academic skills in preparation for doing A levels and other Level 3 courses.

Study Visits 

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Two 2hr exams:

Unit 1B: Understanding the modern world (Germany, 1890-1945: Democracy and dictatorship AND Conflict and tension, 1894–1918)

Unit 2A: Shaping the nation Britain: health and the people: c1000 to the present day AND Elizabethan England, (c1568–1603)

Entry Criteria

Standard TRC Level 2 entry requirements.