GCSE English Language

Level 2

Qualification: GCSE

Duration: 1 year

Location: This course will be offered at our Sixth Form Centre at Winterhill School for those students not following a Level 3 programme.

What will I study?

GCSE English Language is an essential qualification needed to access higher education and employment.

Studying this GCSE course will allow you to investigate and analyse the English language and you will explore how writers use it to create specific effects. You will develop your own writing skills, looking at how to use language imaginatively, and how to adapt your written and spoken language for different situations and audiences. You will develop your speaking and listening
skills by delivering a formal presentation to an audience and asking and responding to questions.

This GCSE English Language course at TRC will offer you a new approach to the qualification. It will provide you with the learning that you need to attain a GCSE in English Language and it will give you the skills that can be applied to your other subjects, making you a far more effective and successful learner.


This course will be assessed by 100% examination assessment. You will also need to complete a further assessment of speaking and listening activities. This will be recorded on your certificate but will not contribute to your final grade.

Entry Criteria

Standard TRC Level 2 entry requirements.


A Grade 4 and above in GCSE English is a requirement for many professions, such as teaching and nursing. It is also essential for work sectors such as the army or the police.