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French Evening Classes

Whether you fancy learning French for fun, holidays, work or simply out of interest for France and/or other French-speaking countries, we have the right course for you.


This course is aimed at complete beginners in the language who would like to learn the basic language skills to get by in a range of situations.

During the course you will study topics such as:

  • Presenting yourself and your family/friends
  • Ordering food and drink
  • Shopping
  • Culture trips

Each topic studied will help you to increase vocabulary and expressions through reading exercises, role-plays, pair work, pronunciation tasks, etc…

The course will also give you:
• A knowledge of the culture and some of the traditions in France and other French-speaking countries.
• Confidence in dealing with basic situations when you are abroad



French Improvers follows on from our Beginner course. You will need to have studied the language for at least 1 year. The course could also suit those individuals who achieved a GCSE grade C some years ago but have not practised the language for a while. Equally, those learners who were enrolled on an improvers or an intermediate level 1 course at TRC before March 2020 would be advised to resume their studies at this level.

During the course you will develop the ability to deal with a range of situations in the language:

• Revision and extension of Year 1 topics
• Daily life and leisure time
• France and its regions

Each topic studied will help you to increase your fluency and confidence when using French. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the way of life in France and other French-speaking countries.


This language course is ideal for those individuals who have studied the language for at least 2-3 years. It is also for those individuals with a GCSE grade A or 7+, achieved in recent years but without being able to study it since. If you were enrolled on a higher intermediate level at TRC before March 2020, you would also be advised to resume your studies at this level.

During the course you will develop the ability to deal with a range of situations in the language:

• Your personal hobbies
• Holidays (past and future ones)
• Problem solving whilst abroad (eg. doctors, garage, chemists, hotel, bank, police station)
• Culture – customs and traditions

The course will give you the chance to study more French grammar and will further develop your fluency to use the language in some complex situations. This will help you to maintain more fluent conversations with French speakers. You will also be learning more about France as a country (eg. customs and traditions) and about other French-speaking countries.



This language course is for those individuals who have experience of A Level study (or equivalent qualification). A good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is essential.

During the course you will develop the ability to use and understand the language with a good degree of fluency and confidence. Grammar will be an integral part of the course in order to help you to achieve that. There will be some flexibility in the choice of topics to be studied, and your personal interests will be considered when deciding the course content. These are some topics you will study, which will help you to gain more specific vocabulary, expressions and complex structures.

• Aspects of the history, art, music and/or geography of France and French-speaking countries
• Options (chosen by the group)

You will develop a greater in-depth knowledge and understanding of contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of France and other French-speaking countries.




Week Beginning 4 October 2021


Call our Sports Centre Reception on 01709 300700 for more information.


Late enrolment discounts – There are no late enrolment discounts up to w/c 18 October 2021, after which a £9 p/week discount will apply from 18 October 2021 for late enrollers



a) In the event of any of these adult language classes being cancelled due to further COVID lockdowns or restrictions, a full refund for any remaining classes will be issued.
b) If your chosen course had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers after the enrolment period has concluded, a full refund will be made.
c) We are unable to issue refunds for any classes that you miss due to personal reasons.


a) We will follow Government guidance at all times in relation to COVID safety measures.
b) If you had to self-isolate due to COVID, your tutor would keep up to date and would send you any work missed until you were able to return to your studies.



Each course will run for 10 weeks initially. The start date will be w/c 4 October 2021, with no lessons during October half term week (w/c 25 October).
We will review extending it for another 10 weeks towards the end of each 10-week period, if a viable number of learners are interested. An additional fee of £90 will be charged for that second term.


Each course (other than the complete beginners) includes some revision and consolidation of the topics done previously. Each tutor will judge the amount of revision needed once the course has started, to ensure our learners’ needs are catered for.
At the start of each course, your tutor will inform you of the resources required.
– For the Spanish and French courses, handouts and booklets are used, but no textbook.
– You are also advised to purchase a language dictionary.



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