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Ofsted have given Thomas Rotherham College an Outstanding judgement. Inspectors from Ofsted rated the College as ‘Outstanding’ – the highest grade possible – in five out of six areas of inspection, including Outstanding for ‘Overall Effectiveness’. Click Here

Entry Requirements

Level 3

1) New students entering from Year 11

A minimum of 5 minimum grade 4 GCSEs [1 of which could be a GCSE equivalent qualification] in 4 different subjects including English Language. There are also course-specific entry requirements – see individual courses for details.
The requirement for students to have achieved at least 4 of the 5  in GCSE subjects can be waived if a student wants to study a BTEC/technical-based programme.
Students who have failed to achieve a grade 4 in English Language but who have passed a range of other subjects should talk to us about what courses might be available to them.


2) New students joining from a year 12 level 3 course at another institution

Where students have studied the same specifications as followed at TRC transfer might be possible for the second year of study where a student’s circumstances require this – e.g. a move to the area from another part of the country. A satisfactory reference from the student’s previous school is required.
More usually students wanting to apply here after a year at another institution are looking for a fresh start on different subjects from the ones they have taken. In these instances the student must have a supportive reference – indicating a good record of effort – from the institution where they have studied Year 12 courses and they need to have strengths in the subjects they now wish to study at TRC, evidenced by 6 grades in these or related subjects at GCSE, in addition to the standard TRC entry requirements.

3) New students joining from a year 12 level 2 course at another institution

General entry requirements. Additionally, these students need to have successfully completed the level 2 course taken in Year 12 and to have a supportive reference from the institution at which this course was taken.

Level 2

16 points achieved in 6 GCSE subjects, including at least a grade 3 in English and a grade 3 in Maths, and the potential to meet TRC level 3 entry requirements at the end of the level 2 year at TRC. Students who have already completed a Year 12 Level 2 course at another institution will not be eligible for a further Level 2 course.

1) Non-traditional route (to level 2 or 3 dependent on screening results)

The following students will be eligible for the non-traditional entry route.

• Students who because of serious illness have not been able to take the full range of GCSEs.
• Students who have been in the country for less than 2 academic years.
• Students who have been home-schooled but achieved Maths and English GCSE.

In the above circumstances, students will be able to complete a Skills for Life Screening Assessment and placed on appropriate courses.