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Extended Diploma in Business

Level 3

Qualification BTEC Extended Diploma

Equivalent to 3 A Levels

Duration 2 Years


What will I study?

Exploring Business

In this unit you will learn about the purposes of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the external environment and how they need to be dynamic and innovative to survive. You will produce a piece of coursework (that is internally assessed) that compares two businesses in terms of their organisation, purpose and features, stakeholders and the markets in which they operate and how this is influenced by the external environment.

Developing a marketing campaign

In this unit you will learn about the role of marketing, market research methods and the marketing mix. You will then learn how to use this information to produce a marketing campaign. This is externally assessed and will be a written task that is submitted by computer. You will be issued the marketing campaign brief and market research the day before your assessment giving you time to plan and research what you might include in the campaign. You can then take these notes with you into the exam.

Personal and Business Finance

In this unit you will study the purpose and importance of personal and business finance. You will learn about the functions and role of money, different ways to pay, current accounts and how to manage your personal finances. You will also learn about different financial institutions, the purpose of accounting, types of expenditure and the different sources of finance a business can access. You will also learn how to use accounting concepts such as breakeven, cashflow, final accounts and ratio analysis. This is assessed by a written exam paper.

Recruitment and Selection

In this unit you will learn how effective recruitment and selection can contribute to business success and what is involved in this process. This is assessed internally, and you will investigate recruitment process in a large organisation and then take part in the process itself and evaluate how successful you were.

Managing an Event

Within this unit you will work as part of a small group to plan, co-ordinate and manage a business or social enterprise event and evaluate the skills gained. This is assessed internally, and you will also be observed taking on various roles whilst doing it.

International Business

In this unit you will learn how UK businesses develop strategies to trade globally, how this might be financed and the support available. You will also investigate what economic, political, technological and cultural influences may have on the success of operating internationally. This is an internal assessed piece of work.

Principles of Management

This unit will enable you to understand how the role of management and leadership in the work place contributes towards business success. It will examine the key roles of management such as managing quality, staff and change, as well as how to motivate and train workers. This is an externally assessed unit; you will be issued with a brief one week prior to the exam and then complete the formal assessment on computer and submit on line.

Work Experience

An essential part of a BTEC course is preparing you for work. In this unit you will study the benefits of gaining work experience. You will then complete a work placement and reflect on what you learned and achieved during that experience.

Business Decision Making

Within this unit you will learn about the importance of planning in a business and what tools and information can assist in that planning. You will also investigate what influences the planning process in a business, such as employees, legislation and financial constraints. This is an externally assessed unit based on a case study you will be issued at the start of the exam.

Team building

Within this unit you will study the dynamics of team building and examine the underpinning theory that leads to a successful team. You will take part in a group work activity and evaluate the success of it. This is an internally assessed unit.

Market Research

You will examine the different aspects of market research that businesses use and the benefits and drawbacks of each. You will then use this theory to plan and implement a research project of your own and produce an analysis of your findings; including graphs and charts.

Investigating Customer Service

As businesses try different ways to compete and get custom, Customer service has become a lot more important. You will learn about how the importance of customer service, what customers expect from a business and the benefits to business of building strong customer relations. You will then demonstrate customer service skills in different situations. This is an internally assessed unit.

Creative Promotion

Within this unit you learn about the different elements of the promotional mix and the purpose of each one. You will then investigate a promotional campaign and evaluate its success. Finally, you will put your knowledge in practice and create a plan for a campaign of your own.

Training and Development

In this unit you will learn about how and why businesses develop their staff and the benefits of doing this.

Pitching a Business Idea

In this unit you will investigate potential ideas for a new, small business start up. You will then present this idea to potential investors.

Study Visits

There will be various study visits which form a compulsory part of the course and must be attended as far as possible, these may include Cadbury world, Manchester Airport, Manufacturing plants, Alton Towers, Meadowhall and Magna.

Part of the course is a compulsory work placement for at least one week each year.


£20 approx.


A combination of internally assessed coursework and externally assessed coursework and written exams.

Entry Criteria

Standard TRC Level 3 entry requirements including Grade 4 in English. Grade 3 in Maths.

Useful Supporting Courses

This is a full time course and no other courses are studied alongside.


Accountancy Clerk, Finance Manager, Company Secretary – any career within a business environment.

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Course Overview

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BTEC Business Level 3 Course Overview