Ancient History

NEW for 2022!

Level 3

Qualification: A Level

Duration: 2 years


What will I study?

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Relations between Greek states, and Greek states and non-Greek states from 492 to 404 BC, particularly Sparta, Athens and Persia.

· The rise of Macedon, 359—323 BC.

· The Julio-Claudian Emperors, 31 BC–AD 68

· The breakdown of the Late Republic, 88—31 BC

For each unit there are key sources from the ancient world that will be central to your studies. (All translated into English.)


Study Visits

Rome – not compulsory.






2 x 2.5hr examinations.


Entry Criteria

Grade 5 in English.

Grade 4 in History if taken (not required).


Useful Supporting Courses

History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Politics, English Language & Literature and Law.



Museum sector, Management, Universities, Teaching, Law, Business, Marketing, Civil Service.