A Level Physical Education

Level: 3

Qualification: A Level

Duration: 2 Years

What will I study?

This course provides you with an exciting introduction to the study of all aspects of Physical Education and Sport and can lead to rewarding careers such as Teaching and Physiotherapy. There is an emphasis on both science and social factors and how these affect participation and performance. You will be taught through a combination of theory and practical activity and will study the following areas:

Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Skill Acquisition

Sport and Society

Exercise Physiology

Biomechanical Movement

Sport Psychology

Sport and Society and the Role of Technology in Physical Activity and Sport

Study Visits

Enrichment Trips – as per other BTEC sports courses.


No additional costs involved.


Combination of Exams and Practical Assessment.


Paper 1 Factors Affecting Participation in Physical Activity and Sport, 2 Hours, 35% of A Level.

Section A Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Section B Skill Acquisition

Section C Sport and Society


Paper 2, Factors Affecting Optimal Performance in Physical Activity and Sport, 2 Hours, 35% of A Level.

Section A Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics

Section B Sport Psychology

Section C Sport and Society and Technology in Sport


Non-exam Assessment, Practical Performance in Physical Activity and Sport, 30% of A Level.

Students assessed as a performer or coach in the full sided version of one activity.

Important Note: This activity must come from the list of activities identified in the AQA A Level Physical Education Specification.


written/verbal analysis of performance.

Entry Criteria

General including English (either Lang. Or Lit.) Grade 4; Science Grade 4,4.

Must be a competent performer in an activity form the AQA accepted list – performance will be reviewed as part of the course induction. Students must continue to participate /compete through the 2 years of the course as this forms part of the Non-exam Assessment.


University e.g., Physiotherapy, Teaching, Sports Coaching

Apprenticeship Schemes

Public Services



Fitness Industry

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Flying Start

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Curriculum Overview

Follow the link to see an introduction to the course, identifying what you will study with us in the first few months and what you might already know.

A Level PE – Curriculum Overview