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Change to Timetable Friday 20th March

We are changing the timetable for tomorrow (Friday the 20th of March) to allow you to make contact with all your subjects.  The timetable will be as follows:


Time Block Location
9.00-9.45 A The room you are in 9.00 on Monday
9.45-10.30 B The room you are in 10.45 on Monday
10.30-10.45 BREAK  
10.45-11.30 C The room you are in 1.10 on Monday
11.30-12.15 D The room you are in 2.45 on Monday
12.15-1.10 LUNCH  
1.10-1.55 E The room you are in 10.45 on Tuesday
1.55-2.40 F The room you are in 9.00 on Tuesday




This is instead of your normal timetable i.e. normal Friday timetable will not run. Please go to these lessons in these rooms at these times.



This may be the last opportunity for a while for face to face contact with your subjects so it is very important that you attend (if you are healthy 😊)


Dr Chris Walls

Assistant Principal